Taeyang – Wedding Dress Piano Cover HD

Video clip Score: four / five

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  1. Wh… Wh…. What the heck was he doing?! This is amazing!

  2. Powerful emotions on this. Very great.

  3. Amaaazing !

  4. will you marry me?

  5. How long have you been playing the piano for? This cover is amazing! 

  6. cookies4lifeful

    I’m in love with your playing *o*

  7. You help me sleep better at night

  8. He does not even have to look at the piano

  9. Easily the most talented dude on YouTube.

  10. Dexterity for days dude!

  11. That’s the original sheet music. It’s his first time playing it and he’s just making his own version from it ^^

  12. I’m actually trying to learn his version of this song. I’m maybe half way but in the chorus 2:13 to about 2:34 Kyle’s left hand is insane. I’ve learned part of the left hand in the chorus and it’s tricky as hell Lol. 2:45-2:58 is also a little challenging to play by ear.

  13. I see u have sheets. SCAN, UPLOAD! Plz

  14. i wanna play this!!! alalalalalala

  15. Nice ! u make me become GAY

  16. probably not as well as Kyle here but… I’ve tried… :p

  17. That was great. Good job! You’re really good at playing the piano!

  18. can you play this song well

  19. Synthesia please!!

  20. OMGGGGG<3

  21. Marry me!!

  22. omg this song is so beautiful!!!

  23. Please sheet or synthesia :D

  24. I spent an hour watching piano covers of various songs and this is the only one that really impressed. I tend to be really critical, cause I’ve played piano for a long time, and I love this song. And this is amazing.

  25. Fei Jessica Chen

    Dude look at all those not sheets! I feel dizzy just looking at it far away! thumbs up if you would support this guy with his awesome skills! Makes me jelly!