Taeyang – Wedding Dress Piano Tutorial Ep 1/2 (태양)

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  1. Awesome! thankyou :D

  2. SymphonyOfPiano

    this is so complicated, but thank you :] i figured out the simple one

  3. sophia yamaguchi

    omg thank you for doing it step by step

  4. my relative who you know
    said that you have beautiful hands…. she is really crazy

  5. O.o you used your middle finger

  6. awesome i like the part at the 4:30 it sounds awesome

  7. KickAssBubbleTea

    playing with both hands is hard shit

  8. Playing with both hands is tricky but like they say, “Practice makes perfect”…

  9. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tks for your tutorial=))) i’ve been waiting for this cauz 0330 was too awesome =)) tks i ‘ll try my best to learn

  10. HunnyBB Jiyong

    its vry hard to play wt borh hands..fthermore i only using computer software for piano play. so i only had the chance to do one hand..hermmmmmm

  11. Great tutorial.
    But its very difficult to play with both hands :p
    Ah well practice makes perfect

  12. does anyone else have a problem with putting the right and left hand together????

  13. BadzBoyzGradefive5

    wow!!! so nice

  14. BadzBoyzGradefive5

    wow!!! so nice

  15. BadzBoyzGradefive5

    wow!!! so nice

  16. Best tutorial.. Thanks for spending your time on making this tutorial for us 😀

  17. You have long fingers. And I short fingers so it’s hard for me to play. >.< I wish my fingers are longer .

  18. athleticasian1

    i’ve already commented before, but thanks again sooooo much for this tutorial. this format of tutorial is the best (slow, fast, one hand at a time, etc.) and I really appreciate you taking the time to make this and put it up.

  19. Each hand I can play separately and pretty good too but with both hands disaster struck … Any advice?

  20. Ikkikevinstudioss

    HAHAHAHHA i laughed my ass off here (;

  21. I thought your thumb was your pointer then i realized, wheres your thumb loool

  22. How long did you guys take to learn this piece? just curious…


  24. Yeahhhh, now I have really got a grip on this, and I have nearly finished the song,
    PS: thanks for the encouragement. XD
    Ohhh btw, would you be courteous enough to check out my FIRST-EVER video, COMMENT&LIKE

  25. yeahhh, now I have really got a grip on this, and just need to finish off the song,
    thanks for the encouragement, by the way. 😀