Wedding Dress Piano – Taeyang [50% Speed]

Movie Score: 4 / five

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  1. Thx dude

  2. the only reason you think it’s hard, its probably because you guys never had piano lessons !
    but still, keep practising and you will succeed !

  3. ThatChickJenni

    Does anyone know where I can find the music sheet?

  4. thanks for uploading this :)

  5. TheDnAEntertainment

    Synthesia is the name of the program. We have a tutorial ^^

  6. TheDnAEntertainment

    Yes. The more you practice the song over and over again, even if you divide the song into parts. The better you will get. Muscle memory ^^

  7. what name of this game? can anyonw tell me pls? ):

  8. anyone else here thinks this is hard? D:
    ~why cant there be a 25% one? >.>~
    wish i had my flute again….

  9. lol yes!! it might be a little hard to play the right hand and left hand at the same time at first but through time you’ll get it. but it’ll take a REALLY long time! haha it took me like 2 days to learn just 15secs of it! and now i don’t even remember a single note i learned. so i moved on to playing doushite by dbsg. i find that song a lot easier. i’ve learned about a min in a night and a day

  10. midi 

  11. what a good tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love it very much

  12. downlad synthesisa on the website and download the midi file for wedding dress then add wedding dress into synthesisa

  13. actualy yes, i’ve been playing it for like 2 weeks on 70% speed and i have half of the song down ! and im not even good at the piano XD

  14. Can u please make an 30% 1 plz?

  15. I dont know bout anyone else but I subscribed just from watchin this 1 video. never even seen his other videos but i looked through the titles of his other videos and all i saw was taeyang and titles of my favorite songs so SUBSCRIBE BUTTON *CLICK*


  16. how do u play this is this on computr???

  17. Yes.

  18. can you play it in garage band in your macbook????

  19. Would this be possible to learn for a person that doesn’t play piano? 😛

  20. can i have the MIDI file please?

  21. The one dat dislike the video is just jealous dat they cant play wedding dress at half speed

  22. Rofl this song has alot of C’s

  23. oh! ok. thax =) =) =)

  24. TheDnAEntertainment

    it requires that you’ve purchased the ”Learning Pack” before you can start playing these so called Midi files

  25. i have this game, but i dont know how to play this songs there.
    can you help me pleas???
    than!! =)